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Welcome, Android users...or people using various emulators (i am using tablet and Bluestacks) a site that houses them all. All achievements will be gathered here to get their walkthroughs, lists, tips and tricks. But dont post hacks, save files, malicious programs and so on. Join and expand the site with your library of games. Just look at a page that has been created, follow the template that is a bit below this text and post your game.

List of games

Template - Template and some definitions for what to write where and how

Secret achievements - These games contain secret achievements and should be uncovered as soon as possible

Timed achievements - These games contain achievements that are limited by time

Unknown achievements - These games contain achievements that are impossible to understand (Language or Description is not clear enough for me)

Do you have a walkthrough, tip, trick, some interesting trivia? Then post it in the comments section.



Only games with achievements are allowed.

Use the provided template, anything else will be fixed and your count will not increase (this will be added at some date)

None of the staff will care if you break your device by doing anything to it, software or hardware related.

Staff members:

Chendler: Founder, Chief Administrator (Contact -

Changelog: 01XXXX:

The site is on undefined hiatus. It is not discontinued, but will not be updated for a considerable amount of time. When the hiatus ends, it will go through a massive update regarding current content, along with some new informations