Name - Valkyrie Strife

Developer - Bee Games

Link -

Category - Arcade

Type of game - Incremental/Idle

Achievements - 7

Total points - 70000

10000 points

  1. Class Unlocked: Gladiator - Unlock the Gladiator Class
  2. Class Unlocked: Sorceress - Unlock the Sorceress Class
  3. Class Unlocked: Rogue - Unlock the Rogue Class
  4. Class Unlocked: Arcanist - Unlock the Arcanist Class
  5. Class Unlocked: Crusader - Unlock the Crusader Class
  6. Class Unlocked: Reaper - Unlock the Reaper Class
  7. Class Unlocked: Valkyrie - Unlock the Valkyrie Class

The pro strategy is to completely ignore the progress part of this game, just get to Stage 4, kill boss of Stage 5 and stay on Stage 4 forever, sometimes switching to Stage 5. Buy enough Weapons to insta-kill mobs (when you can OHKO Stage 4 mobs, you can stop buying anything anymore). Buy some Stamina and leave the game running, sometimes check on it and switch the class. Max out the first class to speed things up later. You unlock later classes by maxing out the classes before.